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Utilities in Gibson County

Gibson County Utility District

Areas Served: Bradford | Dyer | Gibson | Kenton | Medina | Rutherford | Trenton | Yorkville | Milan

Phone: 731.855.1441
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The Gibson County Utility District distributes natural gas to customers in Gibson County, Obion County, and Dyer County, Tennessee, including the towns of Trenton, Dyer, Kenton, Milan, Rutherford, Bradford, Gibson, Medina, Mason Hall, and Yorkville. Texas Gas supplies natural gas to two district gate stations. The ANR Pipeline Company supplies natural gas to one district gate station. Natural gas is distributed throughout the utility district from these stations.

Gibson County Electric Membership Corporation

Areas Served: Rural areas outside city service | Rutherford | Medina | Kenton | Gibson | Dyer

Phone: 731.855.4740
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Gibson Electric Membership Corporation is nonprofit and member-owned; its mission is simply to provide customers with safe and reliable electric service at an affordable price. Gibson EMC serves 35,000 customer-owners over 2,900 miles of line in eight Northwest Tennessee counties (Crockett, Dyer, Gibson, Haywood, Lake, Lauderdale, Madison, and Obion).

Jackson Energy Authority

Areas Served: Medina | Areas South of Medina

Phone: 731.422.7500
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Jackson Energy Authority is one of the few public utilities in the United States, offering customers all major utility services from one company. JEA provides electric, gas, propane, water, wastewater, and broadband services for about 40,000 residences, businesses, and industries in Jackson, TN, and Madison County.

Trenton Light and Water

Areas Served: Trenton

Phone: 731.855.1561
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Trenton Light and Water Department is a municipally owned public utility providing electricity, water, and wastewater services for approximately 2,700 customers within the city limits of Trenton, TN.

Weakley County Electric

Areas Served: Bradford | Areas North of Bradford

Phone: 731.587.9521
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Weakley County Municipal Electric System Electric power is purchased from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and is delivered to the system through seven substations. The system has a total capacity of 150,000 kW and can be delivered at voltages of up to 161 kV. This distributor serves some northern areas of Gibson County, including Bradford.

Gibson County Municipal Water District

Areas Served: Bradford | Dyer | Gibson | Medina | Trenton | Yorkville | Milan | Humboldt

Phone: 731.855.0411
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This water provider serves most rural areas in Gibson County and select areas in municipalities.

Town of Rutherford

Areas Served: Rutherford

Phone: 731.665.7166

Water and wastewater services

Town of Kenton

Areas Served: Kenton

Water: 731.749.5800
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Public Works: 731.749.5800
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Water, wastewater, and garbage services

Town of Gibson

Areas Served: Gibson

Phone: 731.787.6501

Water and wastewater services

Town of Dyer

Areas Served: Dyer

Phone: 731.692.3767
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Water, wastewater, and garbage pick-up services

City of Bradford

Areas Served: Bradford

Phone: 731.742.3212
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Water, wastewater, and garbage pick-up services

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