Greater Gibson County TN Chamber of Commerce 200th Anniversary
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Manufacturing is a prominent industry, encompassing automotive manufacturing, food processing, and more. This sector contributes to the local workforce, employing hundreds of highly skilled individuals.

Agriculture has deep historical roots in Gibson County, with crop farming and livestock playing pivotal roles, thanks to the fertile soil that supports diverse agricultural activities.

Furthermore, distribution industries have established a strong presence in the county, leveraging its central location and access to national transportation infrastructure.

Perfect place for a career change

The county presents various opportunities for job seekers across different skill sets and industries, accessible through local job boards, employment agencies, and online job platforms.

Gibson County places a premium on education and workforce development, with ten regional higher education institutions, including The University of Tennessee-Martin, offering top-notch education and job training programs. With a skilled workforce exceeding 21,000, Gibson County provides an ideal environment for career growth and personal flourishing, making it a wise choice for individuals seeking a new place to call home and establish themselves.

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