Small Business Season™ is Big in Gibson County !Small businesses deserve more than one day of support. So, we’re issuing a challenge to shop small all season long. When you spend $100 at a small business, nearly 70% of that stays here in Gibson County. Think about the difference it could make to our businesses and the local economy if every one pledged to buy one thing a week from a small business, whether that’s a meal, a cup of coffee, a book, a present, a decoration, a service or even a ticket to a local event!  Small businesses are a big deal. Let’s show them what they mean to us. If you’re a small business, visit the Small Business Season website for your free marketing collateral.


Bradford Special School District
106 West Front Street         
Bradford, Tennessee  38316

 The Bradford School District was originally established through a private legislative act in 1917. For the next sixty (60) years the system operated as both an independent district and as a part of the Gibson County School System until July, 1977, when the Board of Trustees, fearing consolidation, voted to become an independent operating system.